Thursday, October 25, 2012

Anniversary Redo

John & I had our 4 year wedding anniversary last Wednesday but he was in San Jose for work and my family was in town. So last night we did an anniversary redo. Nana Weisbarth & Aunt Debby babysat and John & I were finally able to get some quality time together.

We went to Craft & Commerce and had the cocktail I've been dreaming about - an Eastern Prospector (recipe in this post). I swear booze has never tasted so good, I could have drank 12 of them. Before John & I had Jake we would go out to dinner all the time... its crazy how much more you appreciate 2 hours out of your house and out of your pajamas!

Our first date night as new parents
1) Babysitting extraordinaire Aunt Debby. 2) & 3) An Eastern Prospector photoshoot

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