Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Top 5 Random Baby Tips

Watering can trick
These are a few random baby tips we discovered on accident or through friends that make parenthood a little easier. Sharing is caring.

1) Use a baby sized watering can to wash baby's hair without complaints
We got this little beach set as a gift and it includes a watering can. During bath play we discovered it was the only thing we could use to wash Jake's hair that he wouldn't make him cry.

2) Refridgerate breast pump parts between pumps 
A co-worker gave me this tip to just throw the parts in a bag in put them in the fridge between pumping, then sterilize when you get home. So much easier than washing everything each time. More pumping at work tips >

3) Tissue box filled with toys on the plane for a 6-9 mon old baby
Bring an empty tissue box filled with small toys on your next flight. Jake spent a good 1/2 hr on our last flight taking the toys in and out. More flying with baby tips >

4) Wet wash cloth in the freezer for teething
Freezing a wet wash cloth for your baby to chew on is a great go-to when this toy goes missing

5) Start with fresh pumped milk to transition from boob to bottle 
We found out that Jake has a very picky palette. He would not take breastmilk from the fridge but was totally fine with fresh pumped or direct to freezer than thawed milk. Read full story >

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